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The ABC of buying a Miniature Mediterranean Donkey

A: Association

Contact and join the Miniature Medditerranean Donkey Association (MMDA) via their website:

The Association provides a handbook giving details of Breed standard and requirements for registration in Stud Book

a Welfare Guide

a Showing Guide

a Membership Directory 

B: Buyer Needs

Why are you buying a donkey - as a pet? For showing? For breeding?

Make sure the donkeys fulfil your needs;

an entire jack does not make a good pet!

a breeding donkey will be more expensive than a pet gelding

Donkeys ideally need the company of another miniature, therefore:

Do you have the required stabling?

Do you have sufficient land? - Is it nearby?

Do you have sufficient time to commit throughout the year?

C: Checks

Check that the donkey conforms to the breed standard and will suit your needs

Check for a valid Passport

Check for Yellow MMDA certificate

Check microchip and passport are the same on all paperwork

If breeding age, ask for 'fitness to breed' certificate

Check pedigree for the last 3 generations to check for inbreeding. Ensure transfer form is available on purchase of your donkey. Check vaccination history ie tetanus and flu.


Don't - buy from a photo

Don't necessarily believe everything you see on websites and online.


Do go and see for yourself

Do take your time and consider all options

Do visit and talk to several breeders

Do visit local donkey sanctuary's

Do consult the literature eg Donkey Handbook from Donkey Sanctuary

Do check you have the paperwork when your donkeys are delivered

1. Passport

2. MMDA Certificate

3. Microchip transfer form

4. MMDA membership transfer form

Do ensure you have a 'donkey' friendly vet available

Do check your farrier will deal with donkeys

And finally, do refer to the MMDA for any further help

Please contact the Membership Secretary Christine Logan if your Miniature Donkey requires rehoming or rescue.


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