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Mini Mediterranean Donkey Association

We are a non-profit making association, not a charity. Our purpose is to ensure the welfare of these special little donkeys and to assist breeders and pet owners.

The Miniature Mediterranean Donkey is a unique and entirely separate breed of donkey. Their height generally averages between 30" and 34", and the maximum to be accepted into the association general register is 36".

All Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys with at least one generation of registered parents are eligible for registration in a section of the MMDA Stud Book. Conditions of entry to our Breeding Stud Register may be viewed on the Breeding Page.

Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys are not bred down standard donkeys, nor are they bred from any type of dwarf donkey. You can find out where this breed originated from on our History page.

There are foals available every year from MMDA Breeders and we suggest you join the association to obtain a list of those Breeders. For more information telephone Rebecca Goddard (01963) 364543.

Mini Mediterranean Donkey Association

A miniature donkey will not thrive on its own. Donkeys are herd animals and will pine without a companion. A young gelding (male) will make the most loving pet and will always remain gentle and reliable. Responsible breeders geld colt foals before they are six months old unless an 'entire' colt has been ordered. Jennys (female) also make wonderful pets and are available too, however they are usually more expensive.

When you buy a Miniature Mediterranean Donkey, whether it is a foal or an adult, ask to see the registration certificate issued by the MMDA. We hold the only stud book of registries created solely for Miniature Donkeys in this country. The breed is classed as an ”exotic breed at risk globally” by FANGR, a committee which monitors the genetic resources of farm animals and to whom we make annual returns. Ensure you buy what you are paying for by checking the registration certificate. An example of a registration certificate and a typical pedigree can be found on the MMDA Register  page.

Join the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Association and you will receive newsletters and a full colour yearbook. The cost to join is just 18 and you may print off an application form from this site.

Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Association is a Private Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered No. 4642344
Secretary: Mr John Wardell - Telephone: 07749 266084 - Email: mmdaenquiries@gmail.com